Canibus & MF DOOM??

So, Pyrit Music (composer, artist, and Canibus’ current manager) released a new video via his YouTube page, which he does every once in a while. Along with many other notable features he’s working on from this feature update video; Chino XL, Chris Rivers, K-Rino, the video ends off with a snippet from a song where Bis shouts out MF DOOM multiple times… “It’s been a long time coming, Canibus and MF Doom…they’ve been waiting for this, the chase coming soon”. (The song begins at about 12:16 into the video)

Judging by that alone I’d say it’s confirmed, we’re getting a Canibus & MF DOOM collaboration.

Now where things get really interesting to me, is that this is a Canibus feature video, and I’m under the impression all the songs being previewed on these feature videos are from other artists’ projects (or to the best of my knowledge), and not on Canibus’ own release. So could this be from an upcoming MF DOOM release? I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet, this could very well just be them both featuring on a producer’s album, or the two of them could be featured on some other artist’s song.

Truth be told, I don’t think anyone knows what DOOM’s been up to lately, last I had heard he was working on an album with Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, which never saw the light of day. So the prospect of a new full-length project from the, now actual super-villain:

…is enough to get my attention. Of course all of this is just speculation on my part, it could be a song for an upcoming unannounced Canibus project, just as much as it could be for DOOM’s. I have reached out to Pyrit Music for more info and will update if I hear anything back. In the meantime, if anyone else wants to make up random hip-hop theories and conspiracies with me, feel free to join in.

Update: Pyrit has confirmed these are from other artists projects but that he can’t go into any more detail than that.

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