Token Releases New Song “Waist Down”

The young up-and-coming artist has been killing it for the past year. Releasing several viral videos, one of which has nearly 2 million views as of this posting. Not an easy feat for an unsigned hip-hop artist from Salem, Massachusetts.

Token “Waist Down” (World Star Hip Hop Exclusive)

Personally I think this is the opposite of what he needs to do to stay relevant, but maybe it’ll appeal to some kids or something. This is not who he was a few months to a year ago, he was just going off rapping straight verses. He was hungry and it showed, on Sway In The Morning he says toward the end;


“this bragging shit is worthless,
I don’t know about you but I got a bigger purpose,
you say fuck the world but your revelation is pointless,
you say freedom of speech but my generation is voiceless”


Hip Hop needs more young emcees with that hunger. But then he releases a whole braggadocio song about not giving a fuck… And that is not what hip hop needs anymore. That is not what his generation needs.


The hook on this is corny. It seems he’s going for the controversial, over the top gimmick. The choreographed dance routines absolutely need to go. On to the most important aspect of a song, the lyrics… He has some well-strung-together syllables scattered throughout this song, but none of it is really cohesive.


Nothing in this song or video has much cohesion, it’s lost. And maybe that’s the point, since the hook is all about “not giving a fuck”. But the video itself is a bit of a cluster-fuck as well. I’m not really sure what his intentions were but overall it’s my least favorite release of his that I’ve heard. I’m sure a lot of these are not his personal choices but instead those of a management team around him that thinks he needs “catchy hooks” and over the top craziness in his videos to help sell an image.


I may be being overly critical, but I’m residing in Salem and believe me I want this kid to win. I just know he can do a whole lot better than this and has more to offer. What do you think?

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