The 10 Year Anniversary Of An Underground Masterpiece

JEDI MIND TRICKS “Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell” released 09/19/2006, a decade later and it still holds up brilliantly. With Stoupe providing some of his best production ever, and Vinnie’s lyrics being sharper and more coordinated, they gave us their most cohesive project. The cuts by DJ Kwestion are as flawless as ever. The entire album flows together effortlessly from track to track, front to back.

Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell brought us some of Vinnie’s most focused and concentrated material to date, with songs like; “Uncommon Valor”, featuring that verse-of-the-decade by R.A. The Rugged Man, “Shadow Business” which discusses the terrible conditions some people are forced to work in, “Razorblade Salvation” which is a continuation of “Before The Great Collapse”, a song in which Vinnie writes a suicide letter to his mother, in Razorblade Salvation he recants his previous letter. “Black Winter Day” is another introspective song that deals with depression, addiction and mental illness.

At the same time we still got plenty of bangers on this album, Heavy Metal Kings, Serenity In Murder, Outlive The War, Gutta Music, all these songs go hard still. This album was the complete package. In traditional Jedi Mind Tricks fashion, every feature holds it down. There’s even a guest verse from the late, great Sean Price. The interludes help blend each song together and give the album a more complete feel. Hell, even the artwork by Paul A. Romano is amazing.

There was an incredible amount of effort and talent behind every aspect of this project, and it showed. It holds up still to this day as one of the greatest all-around hip-hop albums I’ve personally ever heard, and it only seems to be getting better with age.

Last year’s “The Thief and the Fallen” brought us the return of Stoupe on the production, and I thoroughly enjoyed that album as well. Jedi Mind Tricks has had a long and overall very solid career, at 8 albums strong and still going. I look forward to hearing what Vinnie & Stoupe cook up for the next release, and am also eagerly awaiting Vinnie’s next solo LP “The Cornerstone of the Corner Store”, releasing October 28th. Cheers to providing hip-hop with this masterpiece, JMT!

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