NEW SINGLE “The Axis of Evil” Real Deal, Bender, Tony D, and Protege with Cuts by DJ Climax

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This is one of those rare gems that I thought I would pass along. Didn’t want ya’ll to miss out on this one. The beat is vintage boom bap, the scratches are amazing, and every verse goes hard from four emcees all from different countries. This is like the Olympics for lyrical content, it’s difficult for me to pick a clear winner, but here are a few of my favorite lines from each verse.


I’m underground fighting for air like Quecreek miners

Real Deal (United States)

I’m a heartless bastard, Tony Stark without the Arc Reactor

Bender (Canada)

I pen poison, the font that I write in’s ricin

heads roll, the death toll from the virus risin’

Tony D (United Kingdom)

“spew some, with his nuance

give him goosebumps, soon as this truth runs

between your two drums”

Protege (Philippines)

Let’s just hope we get a full LP like this some day. “The Axis of Evil” by Real Deal (feat. Bender, Tony D and Protege). Produced by JBG and Big C with cuts by DJ Climax. “The Axis of Evil” is the fourth single off of Real Deal’s upcoming album “The Mount Oliver Project” due out late 2016. Graph work by Jesse Mader and footage edited by Cruger of Dont Flop.

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