ALBUM REVIEW: Tha Soloist – Sologram and the Imminent Purge

Artist: Tha Soloist

Album: Sologram and the Imminent Purge

Release Date: 4/4/2017

Tha Soloist returns with his 4th release of the year (after releasing 3 projects in March, all of which are worth checking out), it’s almost hard to keep up with him, I’m not sure how he has time to brush his teeth or sit and eat, but maybe he’s found a way to skip that since this man is a machine. Sologram and the Imminent Purge is a completely free mixtape, but there’s certainly not a lack of effort and thought put into every aspect of this release.

Opening up with Oscar Brown Jr’s brilliant poem “Children of Children”, this sets the stage for the theme of this project; Tha Soloist takes you on a journey through life. Through his eyes, on the surface he tells his own story – beneath the surface and above it there are various Charles Bukowski readings, when asked  (as I wasn’t certain who was being sampled throughout), Tha Soloist added that he was put on to Bukowski through an MF DOOM song titled “Cellz”. All of these samples fit the theme of the project perfectly and give it a very powerful feeling for the listener. Each song flows seamlessly into the next, there is a smooth continuation within the chaos of this image of life Tha Soloist is painting for you.

He’s in his element. I’ve followed his music for the past couple years now, but never has he sounded so comfortable behind the mic. His personality is shining through, he’s having fun, yet still dropping knowledge. He told me the project was spawned out of the use of psychedelics. Mainly psilocybin (shrooms) and his use of Ayahuasca. When asked to describe the project he added “I just wanted to take the people on a journey.”

I can definitely hear the deepness he has tapped into. Very rarely are we graced with mixtapes of this caliber. Most artists just drop some quick freestyles on mixtapes and don’t put much thought into it. This feels more like an album of its own, hell, half the albums these days don’t have this much attention to detail put into them.

Being that this mixtape plays out so theatrical, I really don’t want to spoil too much, so to wrap this up I’m going to leave you with some of my favorite verses off the mixtape, I highly encourage anyone reading to listen in full below, and head over to the links below to find more info on Tha Soloist.

“I met the devil in the desert he was tryna tempt me

tried to tell me I’d acquire things that made me wealthy

I saw the fire in his eyes, would I live or die

or would I sign the contract, there’s a dotted line

I was forced to grab the pen – put my name on it

then the ink turns to blood – left a stain on it

I felt a pain in my heart, until I gave in

Start to see my soul come apart from my frame, then

I saw the beautifullest thing walking towards me

…her eyes were black holes they absorbed me…”

track 7 “Braxton Hicks (January)”

“Silver spoon, burn marks on the bottom of ’em

found needles in the room that my brother used

stay inside the lab, stayed away from that

now my raps get played all across the map

motherfuckers think it’s easy to become a legend

I been doing this for 20 years, I’m still getting

recognition I was looking for before the social

media was here – I was rapping to my peers

and anyone that listened to these little raps

A lil’ fact for those that don’t know – I bring it back

to the time when I recorded on the tape deck

Premier’s beats playing in the background, yes

I was just a teenager that was into rhyming

but I knew I had a coal that I would turn to diamonds

earned respect on the street for my ill lyrics

spitting freestyle verses, I was ill with it… “

track 8, verse 1 “Sologram (February)”

“Never see the victim as a victim when I kill ’em

I just hit ’em with the truth because I do this for a living

I love my job, even though I’m quite broke

close to my last cent, but yo, I’m alive though

so it don’t matter – fuck it, I’m a broke rapper

at least I’m going after goals, the flows mastered

no actors in the screenplay when he spray

he prays through the wars til his knees sore

keep your trophy, all I need’s respect

all these bloodsuckers tried to breathe down my neck

I flee from the set, now I see you’re upset

your ego’s too big to take a bit of my sweat

the blood and the tears, making love to your ears

when you bump what you hear, interrupt what you fear

I come to assist, never run from the shit

never sunk my ship, I become what you missed”

track 10, verse 2 “A Wake (April)”

I really enjoyed this project: from a listener’s perspective, it’s interesting, it’s thought-provoking, it’s relatable, it’s poetic. Without a doubt one of my favorite overall listening experiences of the year so far.

Overall rating: 9/10

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